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Thinking Out Loud Podcast

Conversations in English

With Non-Native Speakers

Welcome to the Thinking Out Loud - a podcast with meaningful conversations in English with non-native speakers.

We are Jedrek and Masha, two English teachers recording this podcast between France and Ukraine. Each Wednesday we give you a brain-teasing conversation as our guests are confronted with questions they are totally not prepared for. Expect a great deal of thinking out loud, a little bit of struggling with the English language, a lot of fun and some clever conclusions 😉

Top Benefits of Listening to Our Podcast

Improve your listening skills

Listening to natural, unscripted conversations is rewarding and stimulating as it prepares you for “real life”.

Challenge your fear of speaking

We are the only show in English that gives learners a voice. You can join us as a special guest and take your speaking skills to a new level.

Learn English while having fun

Podcasts are the easiest and the most enjoyable way to learn English - see listening as experience, not as a task.

Boost your confidence

Get inspired by our guests who overcame their fear of making mistakes. We value our guests for the whole persons they are, not for their ability to produce 100% accurate sentences.

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